Need someone to clean your Melbourne  home or business? Top Shelf can do it. We offer the following services

Home – Domestic Cleaning Service

Need some help with cleaning your house?  We provide a general domestic cleaning service including vacuuming, dusting, bathroom and toilet, window washing, kitchen and oven cleaning. We specialize in sorting out the mess come end of lease time,  and can ensure that a dirty house will never be a reason for a landlord to withhold your bond at the end of your lease.

Whether you have a small office suite, or a large building, Top Shelf can get the job done. Our staff are well trained and organised, have the best equipment, have undergone full police checks. We take responsibility for our  work and pride ourselves on being punctual, efficient and well-priced.

Your home vacuum cleaner can only remove so much dirt.  The average home vacuum… well it just sucks..  To preserve the life of your carpet and get it REALLY clean and stain free, to kill dust mites and remove deep pile dirt your need to clean right down to the pile, stain remove the stubborn stains, wash the whole carpet, rinse, and dry.

There is nothing more uplifting for your home than looking out of clean windows, and they are essential for any business as clean windows portray your business as thriving. We do home and commercial window cleaning, though at this stage we do not offer an external high rise window cleaning service.

Your landlord will likely insist on a level of cleanliness few houses regularly rise to – not a mark anywhere, not a speck of dust, not a smear of grime on the windows and your oven? It must be like new. With rents in Melbourne getting higher and higher, so are bonds. We can ensure you retain as much of your bond as possible with a spotless house.

So if you are on the hunt for an affordable, diligent Melbourne House cleaner?  You’ve found us, call us today.

  • Thanks the stars for Top Shelf Cleaning. Big week at work, my son’s birthday on Saturday and my wife with the flu.  All the parents from kindergarten coming over… we had to make a good impression.  Now my wife does not usually do ALL the cleaning… but she does more than me for sure.  I called Top Shelf Thursday night, they arrived Friday morning and 4 hrs later our house was sparkling.  Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    Alex Parker
  • We use Top Shelf to clean our clients apartments and houses prior to a new tenant moving in. Invariably, the tenant won’t get the premises completely clean, and that compromises us with the new tenant and the landlord so we get Top Shelf top come and do a once over before the new tenants move in.  We trust them to enter our landlords premises and get the job done.

  • End of lease cleaning… I had it covered, but hurt my knee at training.  Nothing too major but gee whiz getting down on my knees to scrub the kitchen and bathroom was painful, too painful.  Top shelf came in and cleaned up – literally.  I pride myself on being a “Top Shelf” cleaner myself but these guys were GOOD and FAST!  Thanks Top Shelf.

    Jasmine Duque